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Performance LOST&FOUND / Musicians + Choir 

Composition: Thomas Azier
Guitar (Rake):  Obi Blanche 

Drums: Simon Segers
Saxophone: Maarten Hogenhuis.


No allocated seats or standing area.
Open space, audience moves in between the musicians. 
All musicians are spread across the room and have different sound sources - no PA.
Choir is wearing ‘civilian’ clothing and is a part of the audience - it is unclear who is part of the performance. 


Factual lighting: using what is ‘on location’, no music show lighting.
Movement of sound sources within the performances.
There is no concert structure; events happen on timed intervals. 
The music is partly improvised, partly a collection of deconstructed compositions. 


The choir consists of either 12 or 16 voices:
2/4 soprano, 4 alto, 4 tenor & 2 or 4 bass / baritone

Performance time roughly 20/30 minutes, show can be looped so people can move out and into the performance.



Fosse - Boltanski:,

Ange Leccia:,

Aphex Twin at Barbican:

Anne Imhof:

Simon Segers:

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